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Thread: Warrior Class – Evaluation Survey Results

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  1. 01-19-2018, 01:09 PM



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    Khaliz is offline

    Game Master

    Khaliz's Avatar

    Join Date
    Jul 2013
    TT Arena Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi

    Warrior Class – Evaluation Survey Results

    Hail Knights!

    As you may remember, we created a evaluation survey on last December to get your opinions about Warrior class’ being overpower as against other classes. Now it’s time to announce the survey results!

    As we explained before, these survey is just made to help us for possible further actions to be taken.

    Thank you participation.

    NTTGame || Knight Online Team

    Last edited by Khenarth; 01-19-2018 at 01:36 PM.

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  2. 01-20-2018, 03:53 AM



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    Intrudertest is offline

    Senior Member

    Join Date
    May 2014

    With all due respect and no offence.

    First of all, my main is warrior(2). and I have few rogues(4) to play for fun too.

    warrior character has same amount as rogue character? how data you base on?
    are those warrior character spirit/unused character? is the statistic correctly done?

    Please don’t say warrior is over powered, as an 83/5 geared warrior with buff, I was killed in abyss against a lvl72 with dumb gear and chitin bow(k0xp and pedaller).

    perhaps this is another concern to resolve but before that, k0xp and pedal are into the way for fair game, warrior is weak as sh…it against k0xp/pedal sin/archer/lightmage, and you are thinking to adjust the warrior to make it more vulnerable? what’s the point of spending money on pus for warrior then? for them to kill for fun/joy?

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  3. 01-29-2018, 12:31 AM



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    Mr_Paine is offline

    Junior Member

    Join Date
    Jan 2018

    Dear Khaliz and NTTgame representatives,

    I’d also like to offer my input regarding the Warrior class, most specifically the Passion build. So please, bear with me as I will discourse in details why it has become such an overpowered class and why it is so damaging to the well being of Knight Online in general.


    Warrior was always a balanced and fair class since the start of Knight Online up untill about the introduction of Cursed Weapons and then the major change happened causing the class to completely shift and basically turn into a demigod with the update and "creation" of the Passion skill tree. For the first time in KO, a change was so drastic to a class that it completely inutilised the other skill tree, also known as the basic Attack tree. For the first time, there is absolutely no reason to choose another build (Attack).

    For example, mages can be either of the three elements and have their purpose and perform well; rogues can pick between Assassin and Archer and also have their purpose, reasons and perform well depending on their goal and situation. Same goes for priests, choosing between buffer, debuffer and more and also Kurians. The only exception to this rule is Passion Warrior; there are absolutely no drawbacks of playing it nor gains/situational advantages of playing Attack build (unless you are below level 83, but here we’re discussing maximum level aspects of the game).


    1) It gives a buff for themselfs and for party members;
    2) It has Four AOE skills (I will discourse about this one in details below; it is the most absurd aspect of the build and it kills the mage population);
    3) HP boosts, attack speed and power buffs, switching mana for HP and more;
    4) Absolutely no drawbacks to the above. (You can argue 300 less defence for using Berserker but this is still nothing due to how strong the perks are).

    About #1:
    Warrior is a crude and very simplistic class, it shouldn’t be able to perform "magic" and provide buffs, it doesn’t make much sense.

    About #2:
    This is a game breaking feature. It is extremely unhealthy for Knight Online because it utterly demolishes mage parties therefore causing a tremendous decrease on the mage population and also for small parties of undergeared people that get destroyed by area hits. Again, the most simplistic (sorry, I will use this word a lot) class now also have AOE skills and with practically NO CASTING TIME, they click on the ground and it almost instantly casts the AOE. This is absurd. The amount of perks and different maneuvers that this build got and can pull is insane.

    About #3:
    Warrior is already a tank class. The class with highest defense, ability to use the top shields and more. And now they also have buffs to their HP which would be OK but not while also having an insanely high attack power and speed buffs in the same tree!

    About #4:
    No drawbacks. This is the biggest mistake made to it. They have way higher AP compared to Attack build, higher HP, can buff their whole party, can sustain more damage when escaping and can also AOE! All this in the same tree with no drawback, they can freely perform it all. All these perks with zero cons. This is the definition of overpowerness.


    1) Weapons with CHAOS CURSE;
    2) String of Skulls;
    3) Scorpion Scythe.
    4) Darkness Weapon.

    In my opinion warrior is the most basic class of the game, it fits every situation, is very simple to play and effective. Because of this, it should not be an overpowered class. It doesn’t make sense for the strongest class to also have the strongest and most OP cursed weapons of all, the CHAOS curse. Why does the class that can tank, jump in and out of situations (Descent) and spam a skill also have the best curse of all? Chaos curse have to power to fully disable the enemy and yet it is given for the strongest class! They also have String of Skulls which provide the main weapons defenses and also their main stat bonuses. Rogues only have Skeleton and Judicious belt to provide them stat bonus but then it has no weapon def. and this goes for every other class. Why would warrior that has already the highest defense and simplicity to have an item that provides them with both weapon defense and their top stats?

    Scorpion Scythe is also unfair because it grants the class with immense survivability. A class that should be easy to kill if caught by surprise can simply pull out a weapon (that other classes don’t really posses) and fill their HP.

    Warrior’s Darkness Weapon once again have a gamebreaking curse. It really amazes me why they’re the ones to get it, another major AOE hit.


    1) Move the four AOE Skills to the Attack tree:

    I like these skills. It makes sense for a warrior to smash the ground and damage people around it, it’s just cool. But they don’t fit in the Passion tree. Passion should be more about "buffing" and performing different types of skills. It makes more sense for "Attack" to be the strongest and be able to hit the floor. This would make the Attack tree viable again. It would finally give a reason to pick it. So big parties that want to counter mage parties would opt for their warriors to be Attack build and then they would also be a bit weaker since they wouldn’t have their buffs. But I still think this is not enough. These skills are just too overpowered. So they must also have a long casting time, much like mage’s Novas that you must stop in place and wait for the skill animation for it to drop, this should also be done to these 4 skills since currently their animation and casting time are so fast that you can combo it making it be casted instantly after clicked.

    A quick and already helpful change would be to make it a point blank skill as well, as in you can’t target it. You hit it, wait for it to be casted and and does damage around the caster. You shouldn’t be able to aim the area of impact with your cursor like mage’s novas.

    2) Somehow remove Chaos Curse (and NERF Darkness curse as well):

    Either remove it or create some sort of limitations for it to be triggered, decrease the probability, etc.

    3) Nerf String of Skulls and Scorpion Scythe:

    String of Skulls should not have any Weapon Defense. Scorpion Scythe’s HP recovery should be drastically decreased.

    4) NERF Berserker skill

    Either drastically increase the defense loss (from 300 to around 500) when that skill is activated or make it increase all damage taken by 30% or more. This also helps mages to do higher damage on them and not only melees. It’s only fair.

    5) There MUST be drawbacks!

    There’re a lot of ways to create drawbacks such as: make Passion build not able to also have Descent skill by increasing the amount of points necessary (or block the skill while Battle Cry is on). Nerf Berserker skill as I mentioned previously, move the AOE skills to Attack (as also mentioned earlier) and greatly increase their casting time.

    There are many ways that can be tried, discussed and they will all help the game.

    These are all the flaws that I’m sure and convinced that makes the class OP and therefore damaging the game as a whole and changes should be made! I sincerely hope that have helped and I appreciate the staff for opening a discussion about it.

    Thank you very much!

    Last edited by Mr_Paine; 01-29-2018 at 03:43 AM.

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  4. 01-29-2018, 09:53 PM



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    iTzAlexDictator is offline


    Join Date
    Jun 2014

    "To Mr_Paine"
    Are you mage right? So please nerf mage dmg on monsters and bosses cuz mages are able to solo any bosses in eslant, and can solo any cs bosses they want easily (atleast the server I play at). If warrior aoe dmg is high then please decrease the mage aoe dmg, coz a good mage party is undefetable in 8v8. and i didnt talk if they have 2 or 3 partys running together. What about the aztec gold fulitol skill and so on.
    Passion warrior is not an undefeatable chars, i spend a lot of kc on mana pots coz i use 3000~4000 dayly and i dont cry about it, I can’t really solo bosses as mage does in cz or eslant, I cant cure myself or heal. I can’t really play solo in any zones coz if I get a malice on ‘m an easy target even tho i have +3/9/10’s…
    You are talking about the party skills, what about if i buy the scroll from pus wich costs 50np orso and gives 10 stats to all of my party members?!

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  5. 01-30-2018, 03:02 AM



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    Mr_Paine is offline

    Junior Member

    Join Date
    Jan 2018

    I’m not a mage. I just like a fair and balanced game for everyone.

    As for the topics you brought up: most of the things you mentioned are completely out of context. You mostly went on talking about the PvE aspects of classes when this discussion is about PvP. Different classes have different roles and purposes on PvE. Of course that mage, that is a ranged class, are able to solo bosses but that’s totally beyond the point.

    You also mentioned the amount of mana you use, it is obviously a high amount but you also have a big mana pool and the mana you use is directly related to your melee skill that is spammed extremely fast and performs really high damage per second, so it’s perfectly connected and logical. It’s nonsense to bring this up for a debate. You also claim that you easily die when running solo in CZ and debuffed; well, this is just obvious. And remember that you’re the most tanky class that is able to use top shields and even Scorpion Scythe to fill your HP in seconds, now imagine a mage, for example. Again, not something to be compared.

    Buying PUS scroll that gives every party member 10 stats to all: why was this even mentioned here? Every class can use it.

    The fact that the staff opened a discussion about passion warriors makes it obvious that there is currently a problem with it and it needs to be fixed.

    Last edited by Mr_Paine; 01-30-2018 at 04:35 AM.

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  6. 02-01-2018, 01:42 PM



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    ogggu is offline

    Junior Member

    Join Date
    Feb 2013

    so mby Berserker mod can be used by 1h weapon only spear of murky + hanguk sword or other stuff… attack mod only 2h weapons.
    2x 1 hand weapon = less dmg aoe/splash dmg

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  7. 02-06-2018, 03:23 AM



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    Intrudertest is offline

    Senior Member

    Join Date
    May 2014

    To Mr_Paine, I play as berserker, I believe what you claimed is purely on your side of story, I am pretty sure warrior user will have totally different point of view for that.

    simply thinking of on item farming(boss hunt), mage can solo alone for those boss, do know that bosses behave like warrior too, they don’t have speed, and once it is stunt, they can’t even keep up with the opponent.

    for your mage argument,
    mage never designed to tank warrior, they are ranged type, if you are thinking a mage could use staff (manual without pedal) skills to tank and kill a warrior, then what is the fun of having warrior?
    if the mage doesn’t use stunt spell to get away, or if the rogue doesn’t use lightfeet to get away, then you deserve to get the warrior tail behind you,
    despite on a shielded priest if one vs one(assuming both have equal gear), i don’t think warrior can kill it.

    yes berserker can boost their ap and etc, do remember they get cool down easily and need to recast too, and it doesn’t have lightfeet, by the time it cast second time, the opponent already long gone if it can’t kill in single cast.

    (assuming none using cheat)
    mage – long range, stunt, high magic ap, but low def.
    rogue – stealth, extremely fast and high ap, extremely vulnerable on close battle without def
    warrior – high ap with high def, but bulky on speed.

    if you are a mage, you stunt him, and you can get away once it is out of hit range.

    if you are a rogue, your light feet able to make you escape.

    if you are a priest, like I said, for a attack main warrior, you think it is easy to kill a gear priest? or if a berserker that able to boost its stat, if the priest run away with shield, u think the warrior can keep up the speed once the the boost is off?

    if you want to say a mage aoe while he is a crowd, hang on? in a crowd? if mage’s def can survive in the hot zone without gang, that is overpower.
    same for everyone, even for a high def warrior, warrior is a tanker and need to run into the hotzone, if its def is low, how he is going to make kill and survive for its mate to support? do bear in mind warrior doesn’t have super fast speed attack like sin does. please play a warrior and you will understand me. and yes warrior do have aoe skills, but it is very short range and most of the time it is use while surrounding by others(except on those cheaters that able to use aoe to pursuit and you can’t use those cheater to determine if a warrior is overpowered.)

    please play warrior and then think about it.

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  8. 02-06-2018, 03:37 AM



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    Intrudertest is offline

    Senior Member

    Join Date
    May 2014

    To me,
    Assume both opponent is haven’t equal grade of gear,
    one shouldn’t kill another easily, this is the game play that I see.
    and yes you can tweak a bit on the items for better AP to sacrifice the def,
    ultimately it will still back to the same principle.

    with those cheats(devices), it breaks above principle.
    do you play ardream and RLB?
    do you know almost all of the geared mage can kill warrior easily? by tanking the warrior with purely staff spell? rather than long range skill with stunt style of playing?
    do you know warrior also barely could kill a archer or sin in there?
    Warrior is just a moving bulleyes in the pk zone, it is not a primary target because the opponent is finding some other easy target rather than spend little more time to kill a warrior, such as a mage that silly enough to move into the battle hotspot to act as a melee/tanker(obvious pedal mage)

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