gran turismo 5 nascar school advanced

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Gran Turismo 5 – Message Board

Jeff Gordon NASCAR school Advanced Part 1

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  3. Jeff Gordon NASCAR school Advanced Part 1

User Info: chimera-666

chimera-666 7 years ago#1

I cannot get 1st on this one, only once i managed to get 2nd but that was sheer luck, the closest i can get now is 3rd. Everything i have found has said to put ABS to 0, but it seems it has been patched out so now you have to have it on 1. does anyone have any tips to get gold here.

Heres what ive been using so far

*ABS = 1

*Active Steering = Strong

*Controller Sensitivity = 3

*Auto Trans


User Info: martinhm

martinhm 7 years ago#2

Try with active steering on mild or off, this is the only thing slowing you down.

User Info: chimera-666

chimera-666 (Topic Creator)7 years ago#3

Thanks, managed to do it now.

But I now cant do the indy or daytona last 2 laps XD I must admit, im not the best at handling these cars

User Info: Master_gamer438

Master_gamer438 7 years ago#4

Manual Tranny. beleive it or not you have more control over a car this way=Faster. Even if you normally drive auto in NASCAR it’s not that hard once you get into 4th.

User Info: martinhm

martinhm 7 years ago#5

Did them with auto transmission, but that was before 1.06, try manual as posted, and you need to catch the first car, if you don’t draft him, start over.
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  3. Jeff Gordon NASCAR school Advanced Part 1

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